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The Many Benefits of Private Number Plates

Ever since the installation of personalized number plates was available and held for individual sales in the early 80s, their appeal has only grown since then. There are numerous reasons why most people are willing to spend a fortune to get a custom number plate. They range from marking a special occasion like a wedding or birthday to advertising, making a statement or simply the prestige of owning a certain plate. If you want to browse for your perfect number plate, then visit websites like the DVLA or an online retailer. 

These private number plates can easily set you back hundreds of thousands of pounds, and it explains why the  £60 million or more the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) makes from these sales annually. However, you can also pick one for as low as £150, making them a particularly appealing buy and a huge contributing factor to why most people out there today have them. 

If you are looking for number plates for sale, or are on the fence about the whole thing, then it’s worth considering the benefits that come with having custom or out of the norm number plates. 

1. They Can Boost the Value of Your Car

Private plates haven’t been as lucrative lately as compared to the past, but some individuals still get them as an investment. Once you have purchased the private plate registration, it becomes yours by right. As such, if you wish to sell or auction the plate, then you have the right, given you complete the required paperwork. Just imagine having the rights to a custom plate like ‘GOO GL3’. The potential resale value to an executive in the UK would be tremendous. 

2. They Tend to Deter Thieves

Yes, a custom private plate may not act as a physical barrier to potential thieves, but an easily recognized license plate can make a thief think twice. They may consider acting stealthy to steal your car, but this is more of a bother compared to stealing another vehicle. Also, the fact that your car has a unique number plate makes it hard enough to blend into the crowd, making the job harder for the thief. 

3. Hide the Age of Your Car

Using the Driver and Vehicle Registration Agency method to register your car, anyone gets to know when your vehicle was registered. As an example, the number plate NE52 UBX allows people to know that your vehicle was registered in 2001. However, using a custom plate eliminates the number plate as a way for others to determine the age of your car. 

4. Can Be an Excellent Marketing Tool

Given you’ll be fitting your desired letters and symbols to a car, it will be mobile and therefore, you’ll be making a mobile form of advertising. Even though you have the limitation of characters, it is still possible to get the attention of people when out and about. You can decide to put a small message or endorsement that promotes your business or brand. This is particularly effective if it is utilized to bolster other advertising on a car. For example, having a private number plate stating BE5T C0D on a fish van is bound to stick to people’s memories. 

5. Commands Attention

Regardless of your reasons to get a private license number, It is without a shadow of a doubt that they stand from the crowd. Any number plates that do not follow the norm tend to be instantly noticeable and when once this is the case, people will attempt to figure out the message as well as its meaning. In turn, this makes people notice you invariably and will try to figure out whether the plates match your profile or personality. 

As you can see, private number plates come with a wide array of benefits, especially if you are a car enthusiast or business owner.

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