Tips To Get The Best Resale Value Of Your Car

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When you want to sell your car, the factor that plays the most crucial time is the trade-in time. If you plan to sell it after few years of acquiring the car, it is essential to ensure that you keep the value as high as possible, but always within reason.

There are also some wise decisions you can make when buying a new car to make sure it will still be worth its price when you resell it. Let’s see how to sell car in UAE to get the best value for your car:

Maintaining Your Car Properly:

The mileage is the first thing which affects the value of a car. Your car can look astonishingly new, but the price almost always boils down to how many miles the car has done.

If you plan to sell car online after a few years, don’t take the car for rough trips. Ensure that all scheduled maintenance checks are in place. You can find the schedule in the back of the owner’s manual. Your prospective buyer might factor in how well the car has been taken care of by the previous owner. It is essential to keep the car up to date with all mechanical conditions and cosmetic issues, which have to be addressed right away.

Maintain a record:

Keep a logbook with all receipts for maintenance and repair work, no matter how minor. A documented service history is proof that the car has been in good hands. Savvy used-car buyers will be willing to pay extra for that reassurance.

Store it properly:

Park the car in a sheltered space. Physical protection is as important as internal maintenance of your car if you want to put it on the market. Natural factors such as sunlight and weather which aren’t in our hands can damage your vehicle or make it age more quickly. But we store the car in an enclosed space to help protect from these external factors. It also protects the car from bird droppings which are an absolute mess to clean.

Keep it clean :

People associate cleanliness with care. The better your car appears to be, the more value it will be draw. Apply a paint and fabric protection pack, which makes washing and waxing much easier. Whilst taking care of the exteriors, the same amount of care is essential for the interiors.

And, any history of collision damage can deter the car’s resale value. A trained used car appraise can spot body work which has been done to cover up the damages. That being said, it is nearly impossible to maintain a car without dents or scratches in its lifetime.

But with utmost care, this can be kept to a minimum.

Be honest with prospective buyers:

If your car was involved in a collision, make sure you get an experienced repair team with a good reputation to take a look at the damaged car. It is also of prime importance to use genuine factory parts or OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer parts.

Be upfront about any collision repair work when it comes time to sell or trade. Being evasive may lead the buyer to believe that the damage was more extensive than you are letting on.

Choose the right time to sell:
Car dealership associates will lend their ear and listen to you more carefully and offer their advice during off-peak hours. So, the time you choose to visit the car dealership is just as important. Avoid busy days or peak hours which can hamper the resale of your trusty vehicle.

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