Top digital transformation trends in automotive for 2020

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Technology is changing everything, and the automotive industry has not been left behind. 

Car manufacturers are investing in digital innovations that are improving customer experiences. A good example is car tracking.

Apart from keeping track of your vehicle, there are other digitals trends that are popular in 2020. Here are some examples;

1. Internet connectivity in your car

In the past, road trips could get boring.  Looking at the passing scenery,  listening to the radio (until you left the city limits and lost the radio signal) and turned to your playlist (you know, the one you have had since 2005). 

Fear not, you can now take your WiFi with you.

In-car internet, with the upgrade all over the world to 5G, drivers can access high-speed internet in their cars.

Car  and phone companies are creating platforms through which drivers can access the internet on the go. For example, BMW car drivers can connect to apps like Audible and others via BMW ConnectedDrive. 

2. Autonomous cars

The idea of letting your car drive you to your destination seemed impossible in the past, but it’s now a reality with companies like Tesla producing self-drive vehicles. 

Already, the auto industry has succeeded greatly by giving us cars that can self-drive in traffic jams.  As these cars improve and manufacturers produce more self-drive vehicles, we can look forward to cars that can drive you to a destination from start to finish. 

Using self-driving vehicles, people can spend their time on the road more productively. Imagine getting some work done on your laptop as your car gets you to the office. Amazing, right?

3. Voice control systems

Voice control systems, also known as voice recognition, is another popular digital trend in 2020 that allows drivers to control their vehicles by speaking commands.  

Using voice recognition, a driver can control features such as satellite navigation, listen to music, or send and receive messages. For example, when driving to a destination, you only need to speak a command, and the car provides the route for you.

Voice control systems can also work according to preset preferences. For instance, most of the features on Apple CarPlay can be accessed via voice commands using SIRI, which makes driving fun and easy.

4. Virtual reality

XR Expo 2019: exhibition for virtual reality in Stuttgart, Germany

Virtual reality has, for a long time, only been available in game rooms. Now, it is used in the automotive industry to sell cars. 

Using VR, drivers can purchase a vehicle by looking at the models in a virtual showroom. It’s a technology that is not only helping the car sellers but also the manufacturers who can use it to find out what customers like and come up with  popular features.

Others, like Audi, give customers the chance to configure their vehicles and test drive them via the Audi VR experience. Porsche is also doing it by giving potential car buyers a chance to preview their Porsche Taycan electric sports car using VR.

5. 3D Printed Vehicles

The production costs of cars forces many manufacturers to price them so high, above what many consumers can afford. That may change with the upcoming trend of creating 3D printed vehicles such as the LSEV.

3D vehicle creation will not only help manufacturers make cheaper cars, but it will also help them manufacture them faster. For example, the LSEV is done in 3 days. 

3D printing also allows manufacturers to create lighter vehicles that consume less fuel, which is better for the environment. Some companies like Bugatti are using 3D parts in their cars, such as with their Divo Supercar for this reason. It’s a trend we can expect to see more of in the future.

6. Artificial intelligence (AI)

What if your car could determine your mood and adjust your driving experience to it? For example, putting up the air conditioning as you like when the car gets too hot. It would also be great if your vehicle would alert you before you hit another. 

That’s what you can get with artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence in the car market is expected to rise by over 35% by 2026. 

Companies like Affectiva are using it to keep drivers safe on the roads by monitoring their emotions and behaviors to ensure they drive appropriately. 

7. Safety updates

Roads are dangerous places with lots of reckless, inexperienced, and drunk drivers.  We don’t need to make it any more dangerous by driving faulty cars. Unfortunately, sometimes you can’t tell. For example, if your tail lights are out. 

With the new trend of car connectivity, car manufacturers can give you updates on the state of your vehicle using remote access. An excellent example of such a service is VW – Car-Net that gives drivers vehicle health reports via email. 

Predictive maintenance is another way that car manufacturers are alerting drivers of potential car problems. Using this technology, manufacturers can predict a problem in your car, such as with the engine, days in advance. It gives drivers a chance to correct the fault before it gets worse and prevent accidents on the road.


Are you thinking of replacing your car with a modern one for a digitally enhanced experience? These are a few examples of digital trends you can try and others you can look forward to in the future. Some other innovations like ceramic coatings for automotive are also worth looking into. if you are looking for ways to maintain your vehicle.

If you haven’t considered buying or using a digital vehicle. Maybe it’s time. You deserve to experience the beauty of new technology.

Author : Hannah Banks

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