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Toyota To Celebrate 50 Years of Corolla

November is going to mark 50th anniversary of the Toyota Corolla, among the most long-lasting automotive nameplates in history and due to 43 million sales and counting. To commemorate this turning point, Toyota has actually revealed a limited edition 50th Anniversary edition of the compact car for US consumers that gets a special paint surface, a sharper interior and a host of active safety and creature comfort systems as traditional.

In addition to construct quality and reliability (attained through keeping style and 1100cc powerplant really simple), what assisted Japanese automakers generally and helped Toyota, in specific it was to stand apart from European and US rivals when they took their automobiles beyond domestic borders was standard devices.

Stuff from AM radios to climate control and power windows discovered their way into Toyotas as standard, at a time when someone putting a deposit down on a Ford would need to define the same equipment as alternatives.

This and the fact that the Corolla was built from the ground up to meet the brand-new nuclear household’s requirements. People vacating to the Japanese suburbs and suddenly in need of their very first automobile discovered that the Corolla was perfectly suitable for their lives. Its seats were bigger and more comfortable, it had a floor, not column mounted, gear shift to make highway owning more peaceful and it utilized McPherson strut suspension.

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