Tyga’s $2.2 million Maybach was repossessed earlier this year after the rapper stopped making payments

Tyga continues having issues staying up to date with his expensive tastes.

A luxury vehicle valued at $2.2 million, that Kylie Jenner’s 26-year-old boyfriend stopped paying on, was repossessed by the lender earlier this year.

After the automobile – a 2014 Maybach 62 S Landaulet – broke down, the rapper had it pulled to a service center in Laguna Niguel, California, however stopped sending in the payments, leading the financier to have a repo man retrieve it, as per the outlet.

The most recent loss needs to sting in particular, as Tyga had actually invested about $900,000 in upgrades on the ultra-rare high-end vehicle from West Coast Customs and other car specialists. The Maybach had a preliminary sticker price of $1.3 million when he at first bought it in January 2014.

The news is the most recent in a string of financial bad moves for the rapper, who’s been the target of claims and repossessions linked to the high-dollar properties and products he fancies.

Recently, the outlet reported that a red Ferrari Tyga, whose real name is Micheal Ray Stevenson, was leasing had actually also been repossessed while he and Kylie, 19, were searching cars at a Calabasas Bentley dealership.

Kris Jenner’s youngest child on Wednesday posted a Snapchat video of her gifting her boyfriend a Bentley Bentayga.

She asserted that she had been the puppet-master in the scenario, putting somebody as much as pretend they were taking back the Ferrari to improve the surprise of the brand-new purchase.

Tyga, who danced in happiness over his costly new automobile, wrote with his snap, “When ur lil baby cops u the Bentley truck and hides your Ferrari. Guess I can’t be mad.”

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