UP Vittoria – Revealed

UP Design (Umberto Palermo) finally revealed their new concept: the UP Vittoria. There is yet very little information known about this exotic supercar.

What we do know, is that it looks stunning. The exterior design is aggressive, futuristic and tells you the story of the power found on the inside. This power that we’re talking about is merely hypothetical, as UP didn’t release any information at all about the engine, except for the fact that it will be a V8.

The transmission, suspension and braking system are also completely unknown.

A piece of information that is available is the car’s size. We know it will have 4,750 meters in length, 1,259 meters height (so this is a pretty low car) and 1,960 meters in width.

UP revealed this car at the 2012 Qatar Motor Show in Doha. As this Motor Show is not yet over, we are still waiting to find out some more info on this car. The price, although not officially released, will probably be a pretty spicy one.

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