Volkswagen offers six-year warranty to gain U.S. customers trust

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Volkswagen is aiming to recover American customers after its diesel emission scandal with SUV warranties that it stated will be the longest in the country.

Ahead of the New York International Auto Show, the world’s largest car manufacturer said Tuesday it will provide a six-year, 72,000 mile warranty on its new 2018 Atlas and 2018 Tiguan sport utility vehicles that go on sale later on 2017.

“This warranty further addresses with the needs of American buyers head-on,” stated Volkswagen Group of American CEO Hinrich Woebcken.

VW stated most other major competitors provide a 36,000 mile, three-year service warranty on related SUVs. The longest warranty is now provided by Hyundai Motor and its Kia Motors affiliate. That warranty extends 60,000 miles or five years. The powertrain warranty is 100,000 miles, however it just lasts five years or 60,000 miles if moved.

The German car manufacturer has been having a hard time to recover since its confession of diesel emissions scandal in 2015.

The new warranty is two times as long as the current three-year 36,000-mile guarantee on the Tiguan. The Atlas is a brand-new model.

VW brand U.S. sales this year increased 10 percent this year, however dropped 8 percent in this year to 323,000 vehicles after dropping 5 percent in 2015. The car manufacturer halted all U.S. diesel sales in late 2015.

AutoNation Inc CEO Mike Jackson stated that an extended guarantee could assist win consumers.

“The American people are full of forgiveness. All you have to do is state you are sorry and provide an offer,” stated Jackson, who heads the largest U.S. brand-new car dealership chain. Volkswagen has “to provide a cost that reflects that you are asking for forgiveness.”

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