Volkswagen Passat Pickup and Fiat 500X Coupe digitally imagined

X-Tomi Design and Theophilus Chin are once again with new digital understandings focused around two new items, the Volkswagen Passat and the Fiat 500x.

While the utilitarian Passat has essentially no possibilities of arriving at the sequential construction system, the three-entryway 500x has what it takes to get a generation form and could happen particularly in the event that we contemplate Fiat continues pumping out 500-based models.

The Passat Pickup speaks to the work of X-Tomi Design who most likely imagined the model as a more premium option to the Amarok Single Cab. With respect to the Fiat 500x Coupe by Theophilus Chin, its a three-entryway hybrid in the same vein as the Range Rover Evoque yet a bit more modest and absolutely less extravagant. It ought to specified Fiat’s Vice President of Design officially said the “500x is a decent body for Abarth” so it would have more prominent offer in a three-entryway body style as portrayed here.

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