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Volkswagen supercar that is powered by the sun

A common challenge faced by most of the solar powered vehicles is concerning their looks. Almost all solar powered cars lack aesthetic value. You may want to recall that over two years back the University of Michigan was declared a winner in the Solar Car Challenge. Albeit the car was quite good in terms of its environment friendliness, the car was repulsive in its aesthetic aspects to the extent that it was not something anyone would want to ride in.

However, if you are still carrying the same beliefs, well now is the time to change them. Volkswagen has made an announcement about its solar powered sports vehicle. Peter Wilkins gladly said that he believes his vehicle can still look good despite being powered by the sun. He also exposed that in the 2010 Swansea Metropolitan University Degree Show, the Volkswagen solar powered supercar would be participating in the automotive design section. He reportedly said that the sport car has an integrated solar system consisting of photovoltaic cells deployed on the top exterior surface of the sports vehicle. The car’s mid-mounted hydrogen fuel cell stack receives the power harvested by these cells from solar energy. Four independent electric motors individually drive all the four wheels of the car.

Peter Wilkins’ creation has great looks similar to part of the supercar. The forward pitching nose, the dominant front grill, along with side features are some of the design elements borrowed by the super sport car from the Volkswagen Scirocco. Auto experts seem to know nothing about the car’s performances, however, they do know a little about the design.

Only a limited number, that is 200 units of the Volkswagen luxury supercar concept are likely to be produced. It would be able to cruise around only in the year 2020.

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