Your Oil Change is due, are you Prepared?

by SpeedLux
Oil change car

Have you decided to downsize, let go of that attached garage, tool chest and all of the other comforts (or should I say punishments) that go along with DIY oil change and auto repair?  You were getting good, had a trusty iPad for YouTube or other DIY videos, almost every tool you could imagine (yes, that includes a torque wrench) and even a supply of nitrile gloves on hand.  The problem was the hazardous and contaminated fluids that were building up in the corner of the garage after a couple of years of work.  You refused to be negligent and dump this mix of used oil, coolant and brake fluid in a sewer or bury it in the backyard.  It seemed like there were fewer and fewer places to accept the sludge and if you found one it was an hour away if traffic was good.  Then you had to dump the sludge at the disposal place without covering yourself at the same time.

With automotive technology evolving more research is involved in the run-of-the-mill oil change.   Yes, oil life is increasing!  Even with conventional oil, some autos are going 5000+ miles between changes.  The drawback is the computerized systems and how to reprogram that annoying oil change light or indicator.  Not to mention manufacturer-specific oil change intervals and I won’t even get into engine oil capacity and consumption, hello blue smoke emitting from the jalopy in front of me!?!?  I even invite the gear-heads out there with a classic to chime in and share some of their struggles when they get a new toy. Whether it be two wheels or four, there is a learning curve to finding the vehicle specifications and the experience to follow them and not cause any damage in the process.  Having a steady hand is only part of the equation.  Oh no, remember those times you smashed your fingers on a greasy wrench, had some debris go right into your face and mouth while laying on your back under the vehicle or the worst…working all day to end up in a worse position compared to when you started.  The neighbors’ kids learned the F word from you!

Let me get back to the downsizing part, making the choice to let it all go is one we will all have to make either consciously or not.  Many of us will continue to be vehicle owners long after this.   Go ahead and hold onto that low profile jack and the rusted jack stands in the storage locker.  Maybe you’ll even hold onto that small toolbox that you just CAN’T sell.  Once it’s all said and done though you will feel your heart reverse age a few years and be sleeping better at night.  

Then the legwork begins to find a great oil change and auto repair shop to assist you with safely disposing of contaminated fluids, saving your hands from injury and leaving some room for dinner because you weren’t inhaling debris all day.  FYI that crap can get in your eyes and do some serious damage.   Turning to Google is usually the first line of research these days, looking at the reviews in Google Maps and also taking note of the first position business for oil change near me.  Usually, the phone calls begin next, if you can get through to a person all because you want to know the pricing and if your oil and filter are in stock.  Once you find a place you have to sell your soul to get an appointment and decide it’s better to take your chances without one only to have to start the entire process over again.  

If you have been through all the disappointments above please contact Auto Service 1 and add a few years to your life.  Be ready to benefit from licensed, qualified and experienced technicians who are current with today’s automotive technology, all at a competitive rate. It’s time to fess up…the “you” in the article was me, I had the disappointments, injuries, and mouthfuls of who knows what only to be at the mercy of auto shops that could see me coming from a mile away then I found Auto Service 1.  I wanted an honest auto repair business to help me and found them in Auto Service 1.

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