September 19, 2014


The battle between these two cars is quite an interesting one. Both vehicles have some nice features, and tons of options to choose from. While the Fusion is a bit more powerful and eco-friendly, it costs about $5,000 more.

As far as power is concerned, The most powerful Dart (the 2.4-liter version that delivers 184 horsepower on the R/T Model) is less powerful than the Fusion with the strongest power output (the 2.0-liter Ecoboost that produces 237 horsepower). However, two of Ford Fusion’s Engines (2.5 Liter and 1.6 Liter Ecoboost) have lesser Horsepowers than the Dodge Dart 2013. Also, Ford Fusion 2013 Hybrid’s Engine produced 185 HP, so we’re even on this one.

Sadly, there is yet no information about the fuel consumption of the Dart, but it probably wouldn’t stand a chance. The Fusion is a highly environmentally-friendly vehicle, whose best fuel consumption is of 100 mpg, so Dodge’s car probably wouldn’t have anything to do here. As one of our readers pointed out this probably isn’t a very fair comparison since the Dodge Dart 2013 doesn’t have a hybrid Model planned. However when it comes to providing a comparison by the POV of a normal buyer, everything is fair.

None of these cars’ performance has been measured yet – but with the much more powerful engine of the Ford, it would probably be a one-legged race.

Both of them feature a neat Electronically boosted power steering and voice control navigation, but the Fusion also has BLIS with Radar, rear view camera, active parking assist, adaptive cruise control, and many others. But of course, the Dart also has many of these features including the rear view camera, park assist, blind spot monitoring, Rear cross path detection, Trailer sway control, Stability control and more. Both cars come loaded with every feature you might need. So, we’re even again.

So far, sounds even with the Fusion having a little edge – but we shouldn’t rush things: Dodge’s model has incredible aerodynamic performance, better than the one of the Fusion, so we have 1 point for the Dart (although the aerodynamics doesn’t seem to make a lot of a difference, since the Fusion isn’t exactly a brick wall itself).

Next in line is the design: although personally, I prefer Ford’s vision for the Fusion, the Dart does have more options to choose from, so some of you might prefer the Dodge on this one. We’ll just call this a tie.

This reviewer’s opinion tends to go for the Dodge Dart 2013 over Ford Fusion. Even though the Fusion is more powerful, has a better fuel economy and is better looking. The Dart provides the best bang for your buck by being $5000 cheaper and not really giving up on much in the process!

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