Uber Self-Driving car photo leaked

Uber test self driving

It’s been just a few days because Uber announced that it’s bringing a fleet of (monitored) self-driving cars to Pittsburgh. However in true internet fashion, we’ve currently got our very first photos. Helen Rosner identified what looks like an Uber car on the roadway in Pittsburgh. The Uber logos along the side hint that it […]

Ford recalls 380,000 vehicles

Ford Motor Co. claimed Wednesday it is releasing 6 recalls covering greater than 380,000 motor vehicles. It concerns a brand-new recall of 342,000 older Windstar minivans that formerly had actually been recalled. The most recent Windstar recall consists of as 1998-2003 designs. Dealerships will certainly check the back axles of the minivans making certain the […]

Ford Lightweight Concept Car based on Fusion revealed with a weight of just 1,195 kg

Ford has unveiled a very interesting Lightweight concept car based on the new Fusion/Mondeo that weighs 1,195kg. That’s pretty impressive for a mid-size sedan and hints at possible lightweight materials/solutions we can expect to see on future Ford models. With a weight of 1,195 kg (2,634 lbs) the concept is almost 25 percent lighter than […]

2013 Ford Fusion – Pictures and Review

Ford’s new Fusion is now more eco-friendly, more powerful and better looking. The 2013 Fusion features a 2.5 L in-line 4 cylinder engine, but the buyer can also opt for the “greener” 2.0-liter EcoBoost, or the 1.6-liter EcoBoost. The new intelligent electric power-assisted steering automatically reads road conditions and adjusts steering mode accordingly. The all-wheel […]