October 27, 2020

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    Ford has unveiled a very interesting Lightweight concept car based on the new Fusion/Mondeo that weighs 1,195kg. That’s pretty impressive for a mid-size sedan and hints at possible lightweight materials/solutions we can expect to see on future Ford models.

    With a weight of 1,195 kg (2,634 lbs) the concept is almost 25 percent lighter than the production Fusion/Mondeo. An actual difference is an astonishing 363 kg (800 lbs). That’s almost how much some of the lightweight compact open top sports cars today weigh.

    The concept was developed in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Energy and at first sight looks like a standard Fusion with shiny graphics.

    The 23 percent weight reduction was possible thanks to aluminum, lightweight high-strength steel, magnesium and carbon fiber for the construction of several components.

    For example the rear window is made of polycarbonate while the windshield and side panes make use of chemically toughened glass.

    Power comes from a modified Fiesta-sourced 3-cylinder 1.0-liter turbocharged gasoline engine with aluminum connecting rods and carbon fiber front cover, oil pan and cam carrier.

    All this rides on 19-inch carbon fiber wheels wrapped around in slim 155/70 tires.

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