The 2010 Audi R15 Sports Car

Audi has incorporated some changes to its R15 TDI diesel race sports car. Several updates have been brought into the car to ensure higher efficiency as well as trimming the vehicle. This is the same car that had won the Le Mans race in 2006. Audi has incorporated these changes to prepare the vehicle for the 24th Le Mans Race to take place this year.

Despite the tougher regulations this second generation car from Audi, dubbed the “R15 plus” has been able to retain the same output from its 5.5 liter V12 engine (over 620 hp). Speed has also been improved upon by trimming the car as well as reworking on the aerodynamics of the vehicle. The radiator also has been repositioned and the cockpit has been redesigned to provide for greater ergonomics.  Night racing also has been provisioned by LED lights which have been taken from the R8 supercar. Since March 2010 the car has undergone tests which cover more than 40,000 kilometers including two endurance runs and 30 hours of aerodynamic test in the wind tunnel.  An artificially dirtied track was also prepared, over which the car was test run simulating an airfield. Radiators of the vehicle were tested in this scenario against soiling. The vehicle has also participated in two test races in the month of May. One being the Le Mans Series at Le Castellet and the Spa-Francorchamps and the other race was in Southern France.

Source: 4wheelsnews

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