2010 Ferrari 458 Italia gets a new tuning package and ornamental wheels from Graf Weckerle

If we remember the packages offered by German tuner Graf Weckerle for the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano and the Aston Martin DBS then we would have no hesitation to say that the packages were a trademark of style and sophistication with engine upgrades, quality enhancements, as well as those unique Fleur-de-Lis ornamental wheels. However not much was done after those two packages which had disappointed many to witness the artistic creations come to an end so fast. Jameslist though had other ideas as it has made things a lot better by introducing another creation from the dynamic tuner duo of Alexander C. Graf and Tim Weckerle. And yes, thankfully those artistically interesting wheels are back with a bang too.

Their uncovered tuning package that has been created for the Ferrari 458 Italia is currently on offer on the Jameslist site. The prices will be made available on request for the exclusive Ferrari that is painted in white and looks gorgeous with the black and red stripes flowing down the side of the car. Then of course there is the all too distinctive 21 inches forged Fleur de Lis ornamental Graf Weckerle wheels which are hand-assembled and come in 184 individual pieces that can be recognized instantly. The package also includes a progressive lowering coil springs system designed to improve the car’s dynamics. However, unlike the other vehicles created by the tuning form, the interior is modified only upon the customer’s specific request and choice.

Also, while Graf Weckerle has never been known for bringing about upgrades to the car’s power characteristics, they have however managed to up the power quotient this time. So the Ferrari 458 Italia they are offering does come with an extra bit of kick thanks to a stainless steel sports exhaust system and an engine performance upgrade. These upgrades leave the sports car with a 610 HP bark, up from the standard 570 HP.

Source: topspeed

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