2010 Range Rover Sport tweaked by Hamann to fit the bill as Conqueror II

Hamann-Motorsport recently released its Conqueror II tuning pack for the Range Rover Sport. It seems Hamann is not satisfied with the 520 hp stock Jaguar V8 supercharged engine under its hood so it jacked it up to output 560 hp with a torque of 685 Nm. Hamann also offers an upgrade for the TDV6 diesel variant that can give out 280 hp and a torque of 660 Nm.

The Range Rover Sport Conqueror II dons Hamann body kit that features revise front and rear bumpers, extended skirts and wheel arches, carbon fiber hood, roof spoiler, and LED lights. It doesn’t look to good but Hamann modified the exhaust system to fit right in the middle of the rear bumper. If you are shelling out some cash for a Conqueror II Range Rover package, remember that the center tail pipe setup is just an option.

The interiors of the RR Sport Conqueror II have also been blacked out. Anodised aluminum coupled with carbon elements dominates the console, and pedals.

Hamman also installed stiffer suspension for the pimped Range Rover. The Front end is lowered by around 40 mm while the back axle is closer to the ground by 30 mm. I guess that makes the car look good but it takes away its off road prowess. The tuning company also installed 23-inch rims with R23 315/25 tires.

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  1. Hamman sports…..never dissappointing.

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