October 26, 2020

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    The popularity of art cars is growing thick and fast by the day with many cars of this type being produced in recent times. We’ve seen many cars of this sort but the one that simply stands out with its detailing and design is the Camaro model from German automakers Chevrolet. And its simply a class apart.

    When General Motors are working at a car we should always believe that the car will always turn out to be a majestic one. The show car divisions of GM and Mickey Harris of Mountain Muscles Cars in Cosby have teamed up for this project. If you are young and have true patriotic feelings for your country this car is bound to bowl you over. The car is designed on nostalgic images of the rich American History and heritage. The body work of the car took about three long months of hard work to complete and was finally revealed to the public at the recently held Camaro 5 Fest in Arizona.

    The Camaro art version is a very colorful and is seen portraying every color in your mind ranging from blue, red and white to pictures of past presidents of the US, snapshots from the Desert Storm, Iwo Jima and the Civil war as well. If you take airbrushing of the car into consideration you’d know that how much planning and dedication has been put behind the car. Finding a car that can match this one is really difficult.

    Check out the gallery below to have an idea of the stunning piece of patriotism portrayed on a car.

    Source: topspeed

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