2011 Land Rover Freelander Facelift: Here are the official details and the pictures

by Alex

Landrover claims that its next car the Freelander in its revised version would have lower emissions. This would be the first of the two wheel drive model which would be having this eco friendly feature.

The interiors of this modified car is far more superior as is its performance and refinement levels. The entire line up is built around the 2.2 liter turbo diesel engine sourced from PSA. There are two options that this vehicle comes in, either the 148 bhp or the 187 bhp. Torque figures for both the versions gets an improvement of 15 lb ft in comparison to what the previous version’s 158 bhp powertrain could muster. A variable vane turbocharger and the reprogrammed ECU are the changes that have been carried out on the exiting engine which in turn has helped improve emissions to Euro5 standards.

The 148 bhp TD4 version of the SUV comes with a gearbox of manual configuration as standard fitment. On the other hand, the SD4 model which is the more powerful of the lot incorporates an automatic gear box as standard fitment. As per LandRover, the entry level TD4 model come with lower emissions even though the performance is comparable to the outgoing model. To back the claim with actual figures, Land Rover revealed that CO2 emission rate is 165 g/km which is an improvement over the 179 g of CO2 emitted every kilometer by the previous version cars. In case of the SD4 models, emission figures stand at 185 g/km. The SUV can also come up with almost sports car like performance, capable as it is of reaching 60 mph speeds from standing still in just 8.7 seconds, which is also faster by two seconds than the previous model. The top speed of the car is 118 mph which again is an improvement of 6 mph over the model that it replaces. There is also a front drive Freelander expected to arrive by January next.

Then there is the eD4 model which comes with six speed manual box and is fitted with a 148 bhp diesel engine. The vehicle impresses with its fuel efficiency which stands at 47.2 mpg and a CO2 emission figure of only 158 g/km. Giving up on the 4WD kit has allowed the model to shed some serious kilos and has also been provided with the automatic start stop feature. There is indication that the company wishes to make their presence felt in this segment, something that has been confirmed by their MD Phil Popham. He further went on to reveal that two wheeled drive SUVs hold a 25 percent share of the Europe market in this segment.

Phil Popham also added that to have a two-wheel-drive is just one of the ways the company is looking forward to enhance its vehicle’s efficiency while at the same time adding to the Land Rover range. There have been a number of modifications that have been carried out on the vehicle. These include the inclusion of different head lights and tail lights as well as a full width tailgate appliqué along with 18 and 19 inch allow wheels incorporating a fresh new designs. A new bumper up front with revised foglights and a new grille also find place in the new scheme of things.

Moving over to the interiors, the seat upholstery too has been done up which presents four new style options. There is also the option of a Premium Pack that boasts of Windsor leather upholstery. Other modification in the interior include revised instrument cluster, covered centre stowage and seats that have more adjustability levels.

And lastly, coming to the pricing structure of the vehicles, the price starts at £21,695 for S trim of the TD4 range of SUV. The price can go up to £32,995 for the HSE while the automatic transmission option will push the price up further by another £1515.

Similarly, price for the SD4 version of the car starts at £27,510 for the GS trim again going up to £35,510 for HSE.

However, no price details for the eD4 version has been revealed, which the company said will be made available later this year.

Source: 4wheelsnews

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