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Alburnett Car Show

240 cars displayed on Alburnett Car Show

People took an interest in the car show organized in the town of Alburnett, Iowa on Sunday.

This was the second annual show for Big Alburnett Car show. About 240 cars were on display.

Awards were given to the top 50 cars, after voting by spectators there. There were also special prizes for categories such as the best interior or kid’s favorite. Part of the money raised benefited the Diamond Club, a local charity, and the other half is going to be gifted to the fire department for constructing their new building.

“We’ve had people from over 100 miles calling saying this is the only show around so they are making sure they are coming to it,” said Al Fuller, the promoter of the show.

Along with signs, organizers urged people to practice social distancing throughout the show to reduce the chances of coronavirus spread.

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