9 year old Georgia girl survives after car plows into her in front yard

car accident in Georgia

A 9-year-old Georgia girl’s family states she’s lucky to be alive after a vehicle plowed into her when she was playing in the front yard.

Surveillance video revealed the harrowing moments the black sedan barreled into LaDerihanna Holmes at the time when she was playing outside of her Lithonia house Friday with a friend.

“I do not understand how she survived,” her family’s attorney, L. Chris Stewart, stated.

Holmes’ mother, Charlette Bolton, stated LaDerihanna affected with a fractured skull and cuts on her scalp and shoulder, and her pelvic bone is broken in three places. LaDerihanna’s friend has been hospitalized as well, though not seriously injured.

DeKalb County police stated the driver of the car and a passenger both got out of the car following the crash into the front of the house and escaped. Police spoke with the owner of the car, who stated her boyfriend had it that day. They have not identified any suspects.

Stewart stated when he saw the video, he “almost fell out of my chair.” And then when he went to visit LaDerihanna in the hospital he “just stared at her in the bed wondering ‘How is she sitting right here watching TV, holding a teddy bear when I just observed her get crushed by a car?'”

The video reveals people from the neighborhood pour into the yard as others come out of the resident through the opening created by the car.

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