Apple Has Styled an iPhone-Based Car Key

Apple electric car

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has awarded Apple a patent on managing a vehicle utilizing a portable device, such as an iPhone or iPad. The patent, which was earlier found by Apple-tracking sites Patently Apple and 9to5 Mac, specifically describes how a device might access the vehicle’s computer and inform it exactly what to do, including unlock its doors, start it up, and a lot more.

The vehicle and app would connect via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or a cellular data network, as per the patent.

Because how broad the patent is, it may sound like some technologies currently offered in automobiles. A number of auto business, for a name, offer vehicles that interact with apps that can begin it up and lock its doors. Tesla, the electric car maker, likewise has a connected app supplying a wide variety of functions, including the capability to auto-park the car.

While it’s uncertain whether Apple’s technology will ever make its method to vehicles– firms will many times patent all kinds of technologies that may never make their way to real items, after all– it lends much more credibility to the concept that the company is dealing with an automobile.

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