Apple Is Reportedly Buying Space for Self-Driving Cars

Apple electric car

Apple could be in the industry for a massive amount of space to get into self-driving automobiles.

Apple is watching over 800,000 square feet of space to utilize for its self-driving automobiles, Victor Coleman, CEO of Hudson Pacific Properties, a firm that owns a number of homes across the San Francisco Bay Location, said during a call with experts on Thursday, as per The Wall Street Journal, which listened to the call. He included that Google’ Alphabet is likewise considering 400,000 square feet for the same purpose

Both Apple and Google haven’t talked about this report.

Regardless, with the quantity of proof coming up, it’s appearing progressively likely that Apple is at least thinking about entering the car business. Exactly how it will do so, nevertheless, continues to be seen. The company, provided its rash of hirings of Tesla engineers, to name a few, would likely move into the self-driving automobile industry with a car of its own, though it’s possible that it could have other strategies.

In any case, Apple isn’t really talking and won’t say what it has prepared up until it’s ready. And precisely when it’ll be ready is unidentified. At this moment, most analysts think Apple will not get a car on the road any before 2020.

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