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Most attractive version of Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes has commenced the refreshed and latest range of the E-Class limousine, and after driving the very quick and livid E63 AMG, they get their hands on the slow and grave E200.

Of course, when it comes to the point of ‘slow’ driving its yardstick is the power intoxicated E63 AMG. As this is a facelift, the over dimensions of the vehicle mostly continues the identical.

What Mercedes has finished is, design alterations (inside and out) to hold the E-Class looking new till the next generation vehicle arrives in another few years. The cabin is well known territory of a car, with the majority of the design layout mostly unchanged.

There are secondary fine-tunes if you look nearly, like the analog watch moving to the centre console, and the mildly redesigned equipment cluster itself, which has three circular pods lodgings the Speedo, tacho and fuel gauge meters. Like the motor disturbance at idle from the out-of-doors, or that the turnaround camera and graphical park-assist does not come as a benchmark feature.

We find this a bit ridiculous, particularly when this kind of tech has started popping up in vehicles that cost a part of the E. so you can say this is the perfect car for you.

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