Audi Teases Self-Parking System Controlled via Smartwatch

by SpeedLux

It seems that more and more automakers are engaging themselves in fully autonomous parking technology. Only recently, the luxury German automotive marquee, BMW, has introduced the self-parking technology of its i3 at the 2015 CES event. Now, another German automotive brand, Audi, is teasing the public with yet another self-parking technology. Only, this time, the technology is controlled via a smartwatch. It is believed that Audi will be introducing this technology at the 2015 CES event as well but before that, the company has released a teaser video of what to possibly expect from this very feature.

Paying detailed attention to the teaser video clip, it can be seen quite clearly that Audi will apply the self-parking technology onto its A3 e-tron, with other models to potentially follow afterwards. The vehicle in the teaser video clip is seen driven home by its rightful owner. At the moment the owner of the Audi A3 e-tron in question reaches his house, he sees that his neighbor is trying to teach his dog quite a few tricks. After coming across such an incident for quite a few times, the Audi owner then decides that he, too, has to show his neighbor some tricks, not with his dog, but with his car instead! So, the Audi owner decides to let his dog get into his vehicle. Afterwards, he hits a button located on his smartwatch and voila, all he has to do is watch while his Audi A3 e-tron parks itself!

Then, not long after the car has been completely and appropriately parked, it is then wirelessly connected to a sophisticated battery recharging device. The owner then receives notification on a particular app installed on his smartphone. Well, after all being said, it seems that those who have the ability to go visit the 2015 CES should really attend and not miss the event. A lot of cool technologies are coming, fellas!

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