BBR offers performance tuning kit for Mazda MPS

BBR, a well-known Britain based tuner has revealed a new performance kit for The Mazda MPS version 3 & 6 models. Mazda has equipped their highly popular MPS models with 2.3 liter displacement DSI turbo engines which can produce an output of 256 basic Horsepower. The Mazda MPS is currently also sold in America under the name of Mazda Speed3.The BBR performance package vastly improves the performance of the Mazda MPS nearly comparable to that of the Ford Focus RS.

BBR is offering their Starchip system which can be tuned as per your preferences and road conditions. It has two phases and in Phase one it improves the engine output to around 290 horse power and 33lb-ft of torque to the wheels. This is an easy-to-install starter kit which is priced at just 549 pounds.

The next phase is more rewarding and increases the net output to 318 Horse power and 370lb-ft of Torque. However to achieve this vast performance jump,
Phase Two involves trading the standard air filter element with the high flow performance air filter in order to improve the filtration and air inlet flow. BBR also replaces the standard air intake components in the MPS with Aluminum/Silicon cast high flow restrictive turbo inlet hoses. As expected, this kit is priced at 2040 pounds which includes the installation charges.

The Phase three conversion involves upgrading the engine unit with twin turbochargers and an enhanced intercooler. The price is variable for this upgrade and will depend on the specific car model. They also provide adjustable dampers, sports suspensions and performance exhausts for the MPS models.


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