Volkswagen Up! GT concept car might go to production

Volkswagen, leading German automobile manufacturer, has recently revealed the GT sports car which is basically a newer Up! Model. It is still in concept car stage and will be put into production later on. Volkswagen also added the concept Up! GT will receive many improved features which make it a very promising car to buy.

The VW car can provide stiff competition to the Fiat 500 and Renault Twingo if it goes to production. The outer car body has received some enhancements and a stylish racy look. It will receive the “classic” VW body kit and a new grille. Under the hood, the Up! GT has been equipped with a new improved engine unit that will give an output of around 100 horse power.

It has been speculated that VW will provide an intercooler and a supercharged engine unit to increase the performance of the car. This will also improve the fuel efficiency. The Up! GT will probably feature 17 inch alloy wheels with high performance slick rubber tires.

Volkswagen has also paid attention to the car interior and the GT might receive an upholstery and interior design identical to the VW GTI models. The Up! GT Concept has the potential to be a successful car model and will provide tough completion to other manufacturers.


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