Beautiful old world- Audi Q7 4.2 TDI, and Range Rover TDV8 Part1

by Sweta

The IAA is upon us and once again there is the automotive future that lies behind them: electric cars. By the bank, manufacturers are working on electrically powered vehicles and want to defy the dwindling oil reserves. Almost as anachronistic relics act as our two heavyweights, whose old-world charm is not so easily able to resist.

Lightweight, aerodynamic and electric power are the magic words of the brave new automotive world, nothing makes it to the Audi Q7 and the Range Rover TDV8 too. As the dinosaur extinction, the two heavyweights of all-defying aerodynamics work in a – at the moment in thought existing world – full of electric Smart cars, iMiEVs and E-Minis, rolling on silent paws through blooming landscapes. The irrationality is the relics of bygone days in her beefy face and yet written, or just because they exert an attraction to many who find it difficult to escape.

Fact: The modern sirens days are numbered, even if they, with their pseudo-environmentally friendly, try just on paper fuel-efficient diesel engines, as once to flatter with a tempting glimpse into the future. You do not like Homer being tied to the mast, to realize that this kind companion have no future. All the while but any hint of thrift, which could mediate a diesel, but by the number of cylinders, namely those eight is, ad absurdum – that is not timely, but nice.

Sound of the past

For just as quickly makes the lovely bubbling, the deep rumble of the blessed with more than four liter V8 combustion chamber, the degree if they are still cold, forget all the foolishness. Echoes from the tailpipes of the expansive sound of the past, no matter whether you sit in the Audi or the Range Rover, the soundscape is both beautifully hand. With the 313 hp TDV8 undoubtedly strong the British to the most refined diesels can be counted on the market, while the TDI in the Audi Q7 (340 hp) begins to hiss with forced performance query quite cheeky.

They sound so powerful, so they work well and they do with their seemingly endless torque – 700 Nm of the Range Rover, the Audi 800 – the empty weight of over two and a half tons nearly forgotten. Takes just 6.4 seconds, a tiny turbo commemorative moment in the calculation, to the Audi pulls the 100-km/h-Marke, and the Englishman to his needs 7.8 seconds to not be ashamed. Slightly larger is the difference in speed, here is the range with 210 speed in the cold, while the Audi cheerfully to 240 km / h accelerated.

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