45 years of Fiat 124- The citizen of the world from Italy –Part 1

Almost all mass producers have dreamed it, the dream of a single car for the whole world. Could realize this vision, but so far only very few automobile companies. They might have simply to follow the example of the Fiat 124, which went 45 years ago as the first true world citizens in automobile production.

Fiat 124? Hardly anyone remembers the conservative and edgy subscribed midsize sedans, whose fate was determined, as in many other mass models by an early Rosttod. Unique was the million seller but by licensing and replicas around the world in which the title holder of the election? Car of the Year 1966? still lives and writes history.

From the dynamic sedans and station wagons Fiat produced during the eight years of production some two million units. There were also the rapid 124 sport coupe manufactured until 1985 and the 124 Sport Spider in timeless Pininfarina design, but above all more than 1.5 million license production of 124 four-door types, mainly in Spain, Turkey, Korea and India.

Built to date:

Up in production today is the Russian people’s car Lada 2107, who finished 2010 again topped the Russian charts approval. Since the start 41 years ago were built plant in Togliatti by Fiat already more than 17.5 million units of low cost and robust thanks to a thicker steel plates Lada from the tape.

Thus, the Fiat 124 for the VW Beetle is the second most produced car of all time with largely unaltered body design. At the same time, however, prevented the still-present, rustic Lada the rise of the Fiat 124 for looking classic that once one of the sportiest and fastest mid-range models matter.

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