Bentley Continental GT gets more enhanced with the Mulliner Styling Pack

The Continental GT from Bentley is an impressive item on the road in its standard outfit. The firm however has come up with some added styling options named Mulliner Styling Specification Classic Pack which adds more flavor to the car.

The styling option includes items like the front splitter, strakes integrated in the front intake grilles, side extension blades and a rear diffuser, all of which has been made from glossy black carbon fibre.

If you still want some more, well the package also includes options like a carbon fibre rear spoiler and mirror covers, as well as dark mesh front wing vents along with black 21 inch 7 spoke alloy wheels.

Raul Pires, Bentley’s head of exterior design had this to say of the Mulliner Styling Specification Classic Pack: “with its sharper lines and darker, lower appearance underlines the iconic form of Bentley’s new GT, underscores its extrovert, flamboyant nature and delivers a more personalized, sportive interpretation of a luxurious and refined GT.”

Next autumn onwards, the optional features could be expected to be available for order while the classic pack is already available on order right now.

Source: carscoop

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