Bertone B99 at Geneva. The Italian designer’s take on a possible Jaguar 3 replacement

by Alex

With Bertone and Jaguar joining hands yet one more time has resulted in the birth of a nice concept called the B99. As a mark of celebration of completing 99 years in this world and still persistent, Bertone’s B99 is there to showcase the crude probability of how a Jaguar 3-series could look like. And this time, all to the relief, there would be no silly black C pillar as found on the XJ. With some souls still not ready to accept the design placement in the line up, the certainty of the fact is this is definitely not an X-type.

The length of the B99 is 4.5 meters, the height is 1.35 meters, and the width is 1.95 meters. The wheelbase of the car stands at 2.8 meter. As found in all Jaguars, there is a leaper present on the hood. Even having said so, this time it uses some snazzy pedestrian safety sensors that pushes it back at airbag speeds should an impaling be imminent. Just spare a thought: this might be the Jaguar with a slight touché of the Rolls.

There’s more retraction action at the trunk end of things too with a speed sensing spoiler in the trunk.

Quoting Bertone, inside there lay a slew of “hidden riches.” As examples of the ‘gems’ that are stored, there is a hideaway multimedia screen, “Ebony Macasar African Wood”, and air vents hidden behind the wraparound wing that floats above the dash are a few to name. Suspended between the wing and the dashboard are “trumpet” gauges wrapped in aluminum. This unique design also carries over to the transmission shifter or infotainment controller that rises up from the central console.

The seats are the same as that of a Jaguar, boasting their flip down trays, but with an added touch of flair that enhances its sexiness. All four seats are cuddled up between their personal floating armrests, giving an “at home in the recliner” charm to this luxury sports coupe.

Bertone energy developed a hybrid unit of extended range that supplies the power; in the B99 this system makes use of two 150kw / 201 hp motors placed at the axle in the rear and the 1.4 liter, 125kw / 168 hp gasoline engine that further adds to the range. With their powers combined, these power units create an impressive 425 kW / 570 hp while returning a potential 700 km / 435 mile range (100 km / 62 miles in EV mode) and only emitting 30 grams of CO2 per kilometer in the process.

Also showing up in Geneva is a 2.5 meter wide B99 GT, forecasting a potential track fighter. Not only is it wider, it also sits 100 mm lower and has 50 mm of space between its washboard stomach and the pavement. Also, it gets two more electric motors up front for an all-wheel drive system and 725 total kilowatts (972 hp). You can see most of the other mods, along with the standard B99, in the gallery below.

Source: carscoop

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