BMW E85 Z4 Roadster gets the BMW M5 Hurricane RR Supercharger Tech, courtesy of G-Power

Some of the power found on the 800-horsepower M5 Hurricane RR and M6 Hurricane RR would now be available in some other cars of public interest, all due to the efforts of the Germany based tuning company G-Power. They are going to offer a modified version of the supercharger system, which was seen on the previous generation E85 BMW Z4 as well as the E46 Series with the 3.0-liter straight-six engine. The previous ASA TM3 supercharger is being replaced by the redesigned SK Plus supercharger system in both the models.

They have carried out modification to the housing as well as geometry of the compressor which has resulted in boosting the middle rev-range. The SK Plus Kit increases output with a 0.3 bar pressure boost which results in a 55 hp power increase. The engine specification therefore now read a power output of 286 hp and 345 Nm or 255 lb-ft of peak torque. All this is enough to propel the car to 100 kmph or 62 mph from rest in just 5.4 seconds.

The tuners have also asked its customers to go for the 9-way adjustable coil-over sport suspension to their car as this would ensure that the power increase that the engine is capable of delivering is all available to the car through the force induction property. For wheels there is the option of going for a 20-inch multi-spoke Silverstone Diamond alloys, wrapped around in 245/30 front and 285/25 rear Michelin tires from the tuner. One could also ask for a hand-built rear silencer with matching tail pipes which would increase the audible roar of the car.

The total cost for the kit along with total service charge is just €2,500 which though is exclusive of VAT. This is an extremely low amount given the performance upgrade that one would get and also the fact that the modification is available for the E46 BMW 3 Series also.

Source: carscoop

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