October 24, 2020

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    G-Power unleashes 820 HP BMW M5 Hurricane RR Touring

    G-Power has recently released an updated version for its BMW M5 Touring (E61) upgrade program that was introduced about three years ago. The original kit had managed to increase the output of the twin-supercharged V10 5.0-liter engine to an impressive 750 HP (551 kW) and 750 Nm (553 lb-ft) of torque. This enabled the hot […]


    G-POWER BMW M3 Hurricane RS introduced with 720 HP

    G-POWER has recently introduced their new BMW M3 Hurricane RS. Designed to be the ultimate M3 Coupe, the model comes equipped with the SK III “Sporty Drive” kit that includes features such as ASA T1-724 supercharger, MAHLE forged pistons and new connecting rods. Other highlights of the car include a titanium exhaust and a modified […]


    G-Power tunes the BMW 550i, 650i, 750i and M5 / M6

    G-Power has recently introduced a variety of tuning packages for the BMW model equipped with a twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 engine. First and foremost, the M5 and M6 can be equipped with a Bi-Tronik III package that enables them to produce: • 625 HP (459 kW) and 777 Nm (573 lb-ft) of torque • 645 HP […]


    BMW M6 Coupe F13 receives 710 HP from G-Power

    G-Power has recently upgraded its power boost kit that they have developed for BMW M6 Coupe F13. The G-Power Bi-Tronik III package is now in its second version and now the twin-turbo V8 4.4-liter engine delivers a revised and upgraded output of 710 HP (522 kW) and 890 Nm (656 lb-ft) of torque as compared […]


    The BMW 760i Storm altered by G Power

    The F01 7 Series had undergone the G-Power’s tuning examination and the end result is that the car is now named 706i Storm. The limited edition Storm was extremely modified, as per expectations. But now the situation is that the German tuner has decided to create a luxurious car that will speed as fast as […]


    BMW 1 Series M Coupe a.k.a G1 V8 Hurricane RS

    G-Power- G-Power is a German car tuning manufacturer based in Autenzell Bavaria. Founded in 1983, the company specializes in tuning BMW cars and manufacturing boutique vehicles. It was integrated into the ASA Group in 2008. G-POWER holds several world records, one of them is, its supercharged 5.0L V-10 800 hp BMW M5 Hurricane RR is […]


    2012 BMW M3 by G-Power(with 720 hp)

    G-Power-With more than 3 decades,G-POWER has become the pioneers,much more than a brand. G-POWER means movement! G-POWER stands for emotions, for fascination. G-POWER promises not only adventures, They guarantee us by their products, their services. Thus, the brand of G-POWER not only stands for “Made in Germany” and for “enjoy driving”. Or for powers for […]


    BMW M5 HURRICANE GS by G-Power is the world’s fastest LPG-powered car

    G-Power, the company that is considered the tuning specialist at BMW have now come up with the Hurricane M5 GS. This one is LPG powered and is more eco-friendly even though it is using the same package that was used by the tuning firms to give us the BMW M5 and the M6 Hurricane editions. […]

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    BMW E85 Z4 Roadster gets the BMW M5 Hurricane RR Supercharger Tech, courtesy of G-Power

    Some of the power found on the 800-horsepower M5 Hurricane RR and M6 Hurricane RR would now be available in some other cars of public interest, all due to the efforts of the Germany based tuning company G-Power. They are going to offer a modified version of the supercharger system, which was seen on the […]

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    The BMW M6 Hurricane RR, the World’s fastest 4-seater coupe created by G-Power

    BMW’s factory cars are undoubtedly of the highest class and quality, though that seems to be not enough for somebody. And its this that has led the good folks at the well known German automobile tuner G-Power to come up with an amazing set of wheels by the name M6 Hurricane RR, which is supposed […]

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    G-Power M5 Hurricane RS is the world’s fastest sedan once again

    The coveted title of the “world’s fastest sedan” was awarded to the G-Power M5 Hurricane RS, back in 2008. The super sports sedan, at that point in time, was driven at a maximum speed of 228.4 mph. The tuner has, now two years later, broken its own record. As revealed, in some of recent tests, […]

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    Here’s the ultimate – The 2010 BMW X6 Typhoon RS Ultimate V10

    We are already aware of the Typhoon package specially prepared by G-power for the BMW X6 M. But it is no more the same package as the company has decided to bring some new changes in it. The new package is a limited unit and is an ultimate package with only just five units allotted […]

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    M3 Clubsport Models from G-Power to celebrates BMW’s win at Nürburgring

    G-Power has brought forth two special edition models of the M3 Clubsport and both of them can set the race track on fire. The timing of the car’s release is interesting too as this is also the right time to celebrate BMW’s win at the 24Hours of Nürburgring curcuit. And what better way to toast […]

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    G-POWER announces X5 M and X6 M TYPHOON with 600 hp

    It was just a matter of time when G-POWER gets their hands on the new X5 M and X6 M. Power increase is not as dramatic as we would have expected. 4.4-liter V8 Bi-Turbo packs now 600 hp, up from 555 hp. 0-100 km/h (62 mph) comes in 4.5 seconds and the top speed is […]


    LUMMA Design CLR 730 RS based on the BMW M5 E60

    LUMMA Design in cooperation with G-Power has created a high performance sports limousine dubbed CLR 730 RS based on the current BMW M5. Power on the stock V10 is increased from 500 hp to 730 hp and 700 Nm of torque with the help of Bi-Compressor System by G-Power.


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