September 25, 2020

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    G-Power-With more than 3 decades,G-POWER has become the pioneers,much more than a brand. G-POWER means movement! G-POWER stands for emotions, for fascination.

    G-POWER promises not only adventures, They guarantee us by their products, their services.

    Thus, the brand of G-POWER not only stands for “Made in Germany” and for “enjoy driving”. Or for powers for accelerating in less than 4 seconds, braking with absolutely unbelievable deceleration – both emotional experiences of “another kind”. G-POWER represents the embodiment of sporty driving and thinking. Regarding the fact that their roots have their origin in motorsports already in the seventies of the previous century.
    And For now this is the centre of their philosophy, honestly G-POWER is pure!

    And they recently re-designed the E92 M3 for one of their customer! Lucky guy he is! Indeed!

    They modified the original 4.0litre engine displacement to a 4.6 liters V8 setup via a custom crankshaft and pistons coming from Mahle *.
    And by installing the SK III ASA T1-723 supercharger, the total power output of the M3 is brought up to 720 horsepower.
    Along with that to achieve a mind-blowing power, G-Power also upgraded the air intakes and exhaust system. which has helped the car to zoom around swiftly, making the E92 M3 now spring to 0-62 mph in just 3.7 seconds with a top speed of 330 km/h (205 mph).

    This tuning program is not all about increasing the HP figure as G-Power has also fitted the M3 with a Clubsport adjustable suspension and installed 20-inch Silverstone Diamond wheels wrapped around in Michelin tires. And to reduce the weight Carbon fiber was used for the boot lid and the hood, while a front bumper lip spoiler was added as a final touch.

    Well Pricing details haven’t being released yet. But its for sure that it would definitely be Pricey Feast for all BMW enthusiast!

    *Mahle-Innovative strength has always been the engine of their success. MAHLE has grown from a small test workshop into a global company and technology leader today. Right from their beggining from 1920 to till tade they have served the automobile industry wholeheartedly.

    Today, every second automobile produced worldwide contains MAHLE components. MAHLE offers systems solutions ranging from power cell units and fully assembled cylinder heads to complete engine assembly and also provides expertise in the entire air management system. At their research and development centers worldwide, they are working on innovations for greater power, reduced consumption and emission values, and better performance throughout the complete system.


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