BMW M5 HURRICANE GS by G-Power is the world’s fastest LPG-powered car

G-Power, the company that is considered the tuning specialist at BMW have now come up with the Hurricane M5 GS. This one is LPG powered and is more eco-friendly even though it is using the same package that was used by the tuning firms to give us the BMW M5 and the M6 Hurricane editions.

The engine that was fitted on the M5 and M6 Hurricanes was a 5.0 liter bi-supercharged V10 engine. This same engine has been further modified and tuned by the engineers in Germany so that now the unit has one fully sequential five cylinder LPG system per cylinder bank. The benefits of using LPG has been explained by the engineers at G-Power in that the cost is very low. Another important benefit of LPG is that it is also kind to the environment in that the CO2 emission from LPG is also equally low. Cost benefit works out to 50 percent compared to previous version while CO2 emission is reduced by 15 percent.

The modified V10 has an added advantage in that it produces 25 hp more power than the gasoline version. The engine parameters now read as 660 hp and 650 Nm torque at 5,500 rpm.

Acceleration factor of the car is 4.6 seconds for the 0 to 62 mph rush and a further 200 kmph or 124 mph in 11.4 seconds. The top speed of the car reads 333 kmph or 207 mph and this as per the tuning firm is the fastest LPG powered car in the making.

An RS coil over and sport suspension makes this car stable to handle and the high performance braking system makes it safe. For wheels the car is fitted with 20 inch Silverstone Clubsport alloys, clad in 255/35 front and 285/30 rear tires.

Source: carscoop

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