Range Rover Vogue Black Edition from Project Kahn

There is a threat to the German SUVs in the form of the Range Rover series of vehicles. These cars offer its customers a high class feeling at the same time gives them some very high performance specifications even though some of these specifications are quite controversial. There is also a strong competition being offered by tuners who specialize on this range of vehicles. The Range rovers are slowly eating into the market share of the SUVs and the latest four-wheel-drive Vogue model from Range Rover has completed an intensive modification at Project Kahn’s workshops.

The package includes modification not only to the exterior but also the interior and engine characteristics. The project deals with the 3.6 TDV8 model in particular and includes exhaust system and a set of Kahn 22-inch RST rims for one. The body kit includes a two-piece front fascia, new side vents that use a chrome finish, a three-piece rear bumper, an eight-piece wheel arch pack, new side skirts, and a satin black finish for the door handles. There is an air vent provided on the bonnet and this has been given the same color as the body. All in all, a very temping tuning package on offer for the Range Rover Vogue.

Source: 4wheelsnews

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