Huntington Beach California

Car crashes into Huntington Beach bedroom and moves bed with a man in it

A two-car crash sent a car crashing into the bedroom of a house on Friday night. The driver then jumped out of the car, crossed over the bed and left through a window, according to a resident.

Huntington Beach police responded to reports of the accident near Florida Street and Altamar Drive just past 10 p.m., Lt. Brian Smith stated.

Theodore Sharshan informed a videographer at the scene that his brother had just went inside the bedroom at the front of their house when the crash occurred. He rushed into his brother’s bedroom and observed the car alongside the bed.

“The car hit the bed and moved the bed over,” Theodore Sharshan stated. “Luckily he (his brother) was in the bed, so it didn’t hit him.”

Then, he stated, the driver got out of the car, stepped over the bed and went out through a window.

Someone was found running from the scene as officers approached and may have been the driver of the vehicle that struck the home, but officers have not confirmed it yet, Smith stated Saturday. The driver has not been discovered.

The person driving the other car was taken to a nearby hospital with non-life threatening injuries, Smith added.

What caused the crash was not immediately clear right now.

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