Car break-ins in San Francisco are probably more common than the number reported

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The amount of car break-ins has steadily dropped down in San Francisco, according to police. But the owner Raymond Templeton Auto Glass Repair of San Rafael states those numbers are most probably much bigger in the reality, based on the experience he has with consumers. Templeton believes the actual number of break-ins is actually higher […]

Jessi Combs’ fatal jet car crashed due to wheel failure

Jessi Combs at SEMA Show 2012

A probe concerning the death of land speed record-chaser Jessi Combs has found that a mechanical failure resulted in her high-speed crash. Combs was driving the jet-powered North American Eagle throughout Oregon’s Alvord Desert on August 27 when the vehicle was found losing control and bursting into fires. The Harney County Sherriff’s stated Monday that […]