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2018 Chevrolet Equinox

Chevrolet Reveals the 2018 Equinox

Chevrolet has just revealed their newest version of the Equinox has gone on sale. The Detroit based automaker is proud of its crossover’s fresh make over and better dealing for the 2018 model year. Along with some performance upgrades, the automobile has been provided an arsenal of security functions that the whole family can take advantage of.

The automaker also updated the infotainment system to help drivers stay connected but safe; it’s considered the current technology trends to develop an automobile ideal for smartphone integration and hands-free functionality. With the smash-hit that was the Bolt EV’s launch, Chevrolet intends to continue its accomplishments in the crossover market.

Chevy’s new Equinox will concentrate on a mix of managing and ride quality, providing the vehicle a stylish feel without compromising convenience. The Equinox has received a suspension tune and a firmer chassis, giving it a lighter and more agile drive. That implies you’ll be able to sculpt the canyons and then go choose the kids up from school without switching cars. Chevy likewise assures more cabin and trunk space; this integrated with the vehicle’s brand-new body imply that it is lighter than ever.

Talking about performance, the Equinox has 3 new turbocharged engine choices to select from. The 1.5 L gas and 1.6 L diesel choices are offered now, but if you desire more power you’ll have to await Chevy’s 252 horse power 2.0 L engine coming soon. If you want much better fuel economy, the diesel engine will get 40 mpg on the highway. The gas engines aren’t far behind however, making 29-32 mpg; you can’t lose in terms of efficiency.

Equinox has been tuned for sportiness, security is likewise a top priority for the automaker. The Equinox will include Chevy’s newest crash assist innovation, and its advanced body has also been fitted with a more powerful safety enclosure to cushion travelers. The company has likewise fitted the crossover with Chevy’s Teen Driver system, making it a fantastic choice for moms and dads to teach the next generation of drivers on.

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