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2017 Chevrolet autonomous Bolt EV

Recalled Chevrolet Bolt EV battery production resumes

Battery production for the recalled Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicle had restarted and that battery replacements will begin next month, General Motors said on Monday.

GM said supplier LG battery plants in Holland and Hazel Park, Michigan, have restarted production and LG is adding capacity to provide more battery cells to GM.

Last week, the automaker extended a shutdown of a Michigan assembly plant to mid-October after a new recall of its Bolt electric vehicles over battery issues following 13 reports of fires.

GM in August broadened its recall of the Bolt to over 140,000 vehicles to replace battery modules, at a cost now estimated at $1.8 billion.

The automaker said it would look forward to reimbursement from LG.

GM said on Monday “replacement battery modules will start shipping to dealers as soon as mid-October.”

GM says the root cause of the rare circumstances that could result in a battery fire is two manufacturing issues known as a torn anode and a folded separator.

Within about 60 days, the automaker will launch a new advanced diagnostic software package that will boost the available battery charging parameters over present guidance, the automaker said.

The software is designed to detect particular abnormalities that might show a damaged battery.

The automaker said owners should keep parking outside immediately after charging and avoid leaving vehicles charging indoors overnight.

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