China Bans Autonomous Car Testing On Their Highways

A recent report from Bloomberg revealed that Chinese auto industry regulators are presumed to be working together with police to come up with rules concerning autonomous vehicle testing. As a result, the market has now come out with a draft of the initial regulations. She Weizhen, heading the Ministry of Industry and IT, informed that work toward implementing self-governing vehicle policies is well under way but didn’t give a time frame regarding when the policies will be settled and launched. Until they are, the federal government says self-driving cars are not allowed to test on public highways.

China’s push for self-driving vehicles is part of a wider strategy that prompts automakers to update their innovations as emerging countries contend for brand-new factory jobs that are more labor-intensive. Bloomberg likewise explains that a moratorium on highway screening could cause setbacks in the intro of self-driving cars in China since it will not enable automakers to consider traffic conditions and driving practices.

The advancement of autonomous cars recently came under fire in the United States after NHTSA opened an investigation on a fatal accident including a Tesla Model S that crashed while taken part in Auto-pilot mode this previous May. In China, a self-driving vehicle that used cams and radar built by Chongqing Changan Car finished a 1,200-mile trip this previous April. Just recently, Baidu and Volvo’s parent business, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, urged the Chinese federal government to accelerate the preparing of legal framework concerning self-driving innovation.

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