General Motors first wholly autonomous car to be electric and launch on Lyft

General Motors‘ first completely self-driving automobile will be electrical, readily available to almost anybody, and it might be here before you know it.

The company prepares to bring its self-driving automobiles to the masses by releasing its first driverless on the Lyft platform, Pam Fletcher, executive chief engineer of autonomous tech at GM, informed Tech Insider.

Fletcher would not tell specifics about timing, but she did state the automaker’s first completely self-governing car will be available via the ride-sharing service earlier than you may anticipate.

Fletcher, who previously served as General Motors’ executive chief engineer for electric automobiles, stated the company’s very first self-driving vehicle would likewise be electrical.

General Motors, naturally, is making a big push into the electrical vehicle market with the launch of the BoltEV, a totally electric, long-range automobile slated to present later this year.

While the BoltEV will be offered for purchase, it is particularly focused on metropolitan movement and was developed with ride-sharing in mind, Fletcher said.

Self-driving vehicles make sense as electrical cars since they offer the passenger a much better experience, she said.

In January at CES, General Motors revealed that it was making a $500 million investment in Lyft and stated that it was working with the ride-sharing business to develop a network of on-demand autonomous vehicles.

In March, company revealed it was buying the self-driving car start-up Cruise Automation to enhance its self-driving efforts and in May it was known that Cruise was checking its self-driving tech on the Bolt.

Although, the automaker told Tech Insider that presently Lyft’s efforts and Cruise’s Bolt tests are separate programs. However it’s extremely most likely they will overlap in the future.

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