Citroen DSX concept to make Shanghai debut

Citroen will introduce the DSX concept at the Shanghai Auto Show this year to sample a possible stylish SUV.

Similar to the DS5 platform, the DSX is set to enter production process in early 2014 first in China followed by Europe before the end of the year. The car will be 4.70 meters long and could be offered with gasoline and diesel engines, as well as in a diesel-electric hybrid variant.

In the AWD category, the electric motor will drive the rear wheels while the conventional engine will power the front wheels. Non-hybrid versions will not be available with an AWD system.

The European edition will be sold in a diesel-hybrid combination featuring PSA’s HDi 163 diesel with an electric motor. The diesel produces 163 HP (120 kW) while the electric motor offers an additional 37 HP (34 kW) for a total of 200 HP (147 kW), just like in the 3008 Hybrid4. In China, the DSX is expected to receive a 1.6-liter THP gasoline engine producing 243 HP (179 kW).

The price for the Citroen DSX in Europe is estimated to be around 39,000 EUR.

We are short of information about the car’s performance and other features but the same will come out in loads once the auto show begins.

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