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Czech Police Car and Audi in Head-On Collision [Video]

Two days ago we’ve presented you a car crash caused by a police officer who was making a U-turn on Centre Road, near Magnolia Avenue in Bentleigh East and crashed into a motorcyclist just after 9:00am (AEST). Today we can show a video with another accident in which it was involved a police car, but this time we can not blame the policeman.

The video below shows you an onboard video footage of a Czech police car that was traveling on its way when both officers inside the car suffer an heavy traffic accident. As you can see, the Audi driver tries to overtake a truck in a blind bend, he sees the police car, but is already too late because he can not return, so he crashed the police car.

Probably most of you never witnessed a head-on collision. Well, for those people who never saw this sort of accidents, the video clip could be quite shocking and leave a distinct reminder in the back of your mind.

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