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Daimler puts money behind high-end Uber rival Blacklane

Daimler led the biggest yet round of funding for Blacklane, a ridesharing start-up based in Germany. Blacklane permits riders to get in touch with certified chauffeurs through an app, a site or partners like Expedia. They desire to angle for the business of global tourists, who would likely choose a single app that works in various nations.

Thus, Blacklane is aiming to expand into brand-new markets, consisting of Asia and the Middle East. This week, it’s getting an eight-figure sum (Bloomberg price quotes around $11 million) to assist it accomplish those goals, although it’s uncertain just how much of that is Daimler’s cash. Daimler already has its own car-sharing service, Car2Go, however the two inhabit hugely different segments of the sharing economy, as Car2Go includes driving yourself around in a short-term rental automobile.

Presently, Blacklane employees some 200 individuals, and it’s available in over 200 cities across 50 countries, consisting of about 400 airports. It’s currently inked collaboration deals with Expedia and Booking.com. It’s also presenting a more economical version of its service, for riders that might not want to spend for the full “black car” experience.

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