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Papa John's Pizza, St. Louis

Delivery driver’s car stolen at gunpoint in St. Louis

A pizza delivery driver had his car stolen in an overnight robbery that took place in Downtown West St. Louis.

The Papa John’s worker was getting inside his car outside the restaurant in the 200 block of N. Tucker when he observed a man walking toward him around 12:45 a.m. Wednesday. The delivery driver said the suspect then pulled out a rifle and demanded he get on the ground and give him the car keys.

The driver said he got on the ground and threw his car keys. He then got up and ran away, during which the suspect fired 10-12 shots at him.

“The best thing, the fastest thing I could do is put my hands up, he asked for my keys, I threw them, just a quick distraction, just for me to just get out of there and my safety. A car is materialistic, so as long as I’m okay,” said the driver.

The worker eventually made it to Tucker and Olive and called 911.

The suspect drove past the victim in the stolen vehicle and was noticed by officers in the area of Cass and Tucker. Police chased the car throughout the Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge, where it was involved in an accident.

The 17-year-old suspect was taken to into custody and also to the hospital for treatment but his injuries were not serious.

The Papa John’s employee was not injured.

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