Denver auto dealership employees robbed at gunpoint

Denver images

For the last three years, Sandra Bradberry has been working by the front door at STS Automotive, an auto dealership in Denver. On Saturday afternoon, someone caught her attention.

“He was really adamant about wanting to speak to the owner,” she stated.

Bradberry stated the man was attempting to sell his car to the business at 4301 Morrison Road, but it doesn’t purchase cars from the public.

Employees state the man left frustrated, returning back about 20 minutes later with a gun.

“He cocked his gun back and pointed at all of us,” Bradberry stated. “He went towards the back office.”

The suspect returned with a woman to help him rob the workers.

Both of them demanded a worker to open the safe, pistol-whipped one employee in the back of the head and took off with about $1,000 and other objects, according to Bradberry.

“I have guns, but I never once thought in my life let me bring my gun to work,” Bradberry stated.

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