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DMC Released Their SV Bodykit For Lamborghini Murcielago LP670SV

Most of Lamborgini LP670SV owners are happy with their car, considering that even in standard form it is an exceptional vehicle. However, for those who aren’t very satisfied with their car, or believe that an improvement would be welcome, Duesseldorf-based tuner DMC announced a new kit that turn the old Murci into a SuperVeloce.

This new kit comes with SV-style front and rear bumper with an integrated diffuser, as well as a massive rear wing, all made of carbon fiber. Of course, you should also change the wheels, or everybody who knows about Lambos quickly realize this is a fake SV!

In addition, this Lambo also benefits from DMC stainless sports rear silencer and sport metallic catalytic converter, for both a better visual effect and a sportier soundtrack.

For the interior, the tuner decided to apply their unique makeover program with new leather and carbon fiber coatings.

If you think that this car is based only on appearance, you are wrong because DMC fiddle with the engine’s electronic controls and managed to raise the output from 572 to 600 HP, while increasing torque from 479 to 495 Nm. It’s done by carefully refining the fuel delivery ignition time and load values as well as throttle settings.

Source: DMC via Motorward

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