Dodge Challenger Demon Orders Now Begins

by SpeedLux
2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

Dodge dealerships can now formally start taking orders for the Challenger Demon, assuming they were designated one to sell in the first place.

Dodge will be providing just 3,000 of these drag-ready monsters for the U.S. market and 300 for Canada. But before you encounter the car dealership, there are a few things you must know.

It’s possible that your regional dealer wasn’t any designated Demons to sell. If you have never ever seen a Hellcat in the wild in your neck of the woods, it’s a sure thing your local dealer won’t be selling any Demons. Allotments will be based first on Hellcat sales (both Challenger and Battery charger; at least two in 2016) and then on other Challenger and Charger versions.

If you have actually never heard this personally, you will not be hearing this in your driveway.

Presuming you have actually found a dealer with a Devil to sell you, you may want to ask exactly how much money you have to throw at them. The MSRP of the Demon is $84,995. Some dealerships may desire a “small” deposit, while others might desire the entire thing up-front. Some might even desire a lot more than price tag.

And about that price tag– if you happen to obtain one for at or below MSRP, Dodge will press your order to the front of the line, as per a news release from the automaker. If you feel you should pay more than MSRP due to the fact that Dodge is worthy of all the cash you can provide, your order goes to the back of the line. Dodge is putting dealership earnings aside to get automobiles in the hands of those who paid the least first.

Obviously, car dealership profits go to the dealers, not Dodge. If you have a dealership in your location that moves a high volume of automobiles, they would most likely be the best bet to throw money at. Maybe you’ll even get fortunate and find a car dealership happy to take a big loss in order to get the very first Demon. But only one individual will be that lucky.

So now is the time to run as quickly as you can to the dealership. If you already had a Dodge Demon, you would get there a lot quicker.

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