Suspect accused of stealing Dodge Challenger ‘supercar’ arrested

dodge challenger supercar SEMA car show

A particularly bizarre incident that took place on October 30 reached the Las Vegas Convention Center floor on Monday for the SEMA Car Show.

It started in the early morning hours of Halloween Eve once a man stole a custom gray Dodge Challenger. The vehicle referred to as a ‘supercar,’ had just been provided by the Vermont auto shop Quintin Brothers Auto and Performance to the Las Vegas valley where the owner prepared to display it at the SEMA Show.

Nevada Highway Patrol was informed around 11:30 a.m. about locating the stolen vehicle, and a short time afterward, a trooper discovered it inside the Rio parking garage.

As the trooper tried to exit his patrol car, the Challenger, which boasts more than 1,000 horsepower, rammed his patrol car, causing significant damage to the front end of the supercar. Despite the trooper’s attempts to stop the getaway, the suspect could speed off in the Challenger.

Ultimately, the custom-built vehicle was discovered abandoned near The Boulevard Mall and returned to its owners who showcased it, damage and all, at the SEMA show on Monday.

Together with police tape, the beat-up Challenger revealed its engine and propped against it was a sign detailing the humorous Quintin Brothers Challenger Build, the criteria of which consists of ‘car stolen with trailer,’ ‘14 car police chase’ and ‘t-bones police car.’

The owners had planned to showcase the vehicle anyway to showcase just how much it could handle.

The suspect who stole the car was last observed getting on an RTC bus and is still on the loose. He’s referred as a heavyset Hispanic with a goatee, under six feet tall and was last observed wearing a red #32 BARLOW Sand Francisco 49ers jersey with khaki shorts.

The North Las Vegas Police Department arrested 33-year-old Jesse Grano in this case. He’s facing multiple charges such as attempted murder with a deadly weapon.

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