October 28, 2020

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    A Russian driver received a fine due to his car’s shadow.

    On 25 August, the driver was fined for supposedly crossing a full-line on the Moscow Ring Road. But the pictures taken by traffic cameras reveal only his automobile’s shadow had actually crossed the line.

    “Cameras want us to pay fines even if car shadows breach traffic rules,” the man wrote on the site drive2.ru.

    The man likewise published pictures of his evident offense taken by the traffic electronic cameras.

    He sent a complaint to the traffic authorities and they promised to annul the fine, describing that it was the result of a technical malfunction.

    Another motorist had a similar concern in the past, when he was fined because the glare of his headlights on the damp roadway crossed the line.

    “Traffic cops are examining his grievance and he will get a reply in the future,” a police informed.


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